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Meow, more than ever, the world needs a furry hero–and his name is Sam Katz. Sam Katz is on the loose in this wildly original, glitter-sparkling book of Fazzino 3-D scenes guaranteed to amaze and amuse children of all ages.


Who is Sam Katz? Let’s put it this way: He is not your average humdrum Purina Cat Chow—munching, hairball-gacking pussycat. Everyday, Sam Katz’s owners leave him all alone in an apartment whose walls are hung with paintings of exotic scenes. Where does Sam go when his owners are away? Why, he dives smack-dab into the action of the paintings, of course! From the steamy rain forest to the far-frozen north, from the hurly-burly of a boardwalk carnival to the peace and serenity of the mountain majesties, Sam Katz is one cat who doesn’t miss a scene. Children won’t want to miss out, either, as the text challenges them to explore each and every scene in full, and often hilarious, detail.

Sam Katz on the Loose! Children's Book

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